Managing compliance, building strategy and mitigating carbon risk

With the Federal Backstop and provincial carbon regulations coming into effect, Canadian industry is being challenged by new benchmarks, timelines, pricing and rules. Energy-intensive sectors are now very focused on understanding the risks and opportunities presented by new carbon regulations and developing strategies for emissions reductions.Through expert panels and in-depth presentations, Carbon Pricing for Canadian Industry, April 25-26, Hilton Toronto, will provide industry with critical insight on benchmarking carbon strategies and managing compliance across various jurisdictions.


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Building on the success of previous Ontario Cap and Trade Forums in 2017 and 2018, this event will provide timely updates on Federal and provincial carbon regulations and outline best practices for managing exposure and compliance. The event will also be an opportunity to engage with those developing new services and technologies to help industry reduce carbon risk exposure.

  1. Timely updates and analysis of Federal and Provincial carbon regulations
  2. Industry best practice and strategy for addressing the patchwork and shifting regulatory landscape
  3. Output-Based Pricing System (OBPS) rules, benchmarks, offsets, and compliance options
  4. Strategy for compliance and emissions reductions from key industry players
  5. Carbon abatement project finance options
  1. Offsets: how and when will they be available as an effective compliance tool?
  2. Carbon leakage protections for energy-intensive, trade-exposed industries
  3. Compliance and strategy within a regional and global context
  4. How provincial and federal elections will shape the landscape – and how to be proactive?
  5. Corporate workshop: Compliance options for industry under the OBPS

Speakers include:

Judy Meltzer

Director General, Carbon Pricing Bureau

Environment and Climate Change Canada

Darren Macdonald

Director of Energy and Environment


Robert Cumming

Director of Environment

Lafarge Canada

Chris Adachi

Manager of Sustainability and Climate Change

Teck Resources

Luiziana Ribeiro

Head of Sustainability and Government Relations

BASF Canada

John Windsor

Vice President of Energy Services & Asset Management

Northland Power

Fiona Oliver-Glasford
Fiona Oliver-Glasford

Director, Carbon Strategy and Integrated Resource Planning

Enbridge Gas Distribution

Tyson Dyck



Marc Butler

Director of Regulatory Affairs


Michael Berends

Managing Director, Origination

ClearBlue Markets

John Lundrigan

General Manager, Director, Environment

ArcelorMittal Dofasco

Michael McSweeney

President and CEO

Cement Association of Canada

Robyn Gray

Vice President, Energy and Environment Practic

Sussex Strategy group

Katie Chan

Environmental Director


Nicolas Girod

Managing Director

ClearBlue Markets

Alastair Handley

Founder and President

Climate Smart Group

Melissa Harris

Director of Policy

Delphi Group

Lisa DeMarco

Senior Partner

DeMarco Allan

Mark Cameron

Executive Director

Canadians for Clean Prosperity

Jamie MacKinnon

Vice President of Environmental Solutions

Bluesource Canada

Jesse Fleming

Executive Director, Low Carbon Economy Fund

Environment and Climate Change Canada

Matt Lithgow

North American Environmental Markets Correspondent

Carbon Pulse

Katie Sullivan

Managing Director

International Emissions Trading Association

Pascale Legace

VP, Environment, Energy and Innovation

Resolute Forest Products

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I was glad to be part of this top level event.

Director of Fuels Quality & Regulatory Affairs, Suncor

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Thank you for hosting an excellent conference. Hope to see you again next year.

Partner, Torys

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I used to chair these for years and this line up was outstanding!!! Thanks for including me.

Senior Partner, DeMarco Allan LLP

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I enjoyed the time and learned quite a bit as well. I believe everyone did. The event was well organized and attended. Congratulations.

Director of Sustainability, University of Toronto

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It was a great two days. Congratulations on yet another successful conference!

Vice President, Energy and Environment Practice, Sussex Strategy Group

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To be held on the afternoon of April 26, this intensive, hands-on, interactive workshop for corporates will provide industry with a deeper understanding of compliance options and strategies under the Federal Backstop. The workshop is designed for industry participants that are participating in the Output Based Pricing System.

Introduction to Federal Backstop:

  • Carbon Pricing across Canada
  • Overview of the two streams of the Federal Backstop:
    • Carbon Levy
    • OBPS
  • How does this system differ from Cap & Trade?
  • Benchmark and EITE assessments
  • Future development of new OBS and opt-in
  • Routes to compliance and routes to market
  • Surplus credits, offsets and carbon payments
    • Banking rules and benefits
    • Pricing
  • How are these credits and offsets expected to be traded?
  • What can industry do today to reduce costs and exposure?
  • Position management and new reporting requirements
    • Impact of political uncertainty in position management

Workshop leader:

Clear Blue Markets

Sponsors and Exhibitors



Thermal Energy

Partners and Supporting Organizations



Ontario Mining

Carbon Pulse

Clear Blue Markets


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Cement Association

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Mining Association of Canada

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Canadian Clean Energy Conferences is an Ottawa based business-to-business event company that focuses on moving business and society towards a low carbon economy. The company launched with the Ontario Feed-In Tariff Forum in 2010 which continued successfully for 6 years. We have supported other renewable energy initiatives across Canada through events such as the Nova Scotia FIT Forum, the Renewable Energy Storage Summit, the National Renewable Energy Forum and the Cap and Trade Forum. In 2016 we launched the Alberta and Saskatchewan Renewable Energy Finance Summit in support of the new renewables procurement programs in western Canada. The 2019 event will be the 4th event of this series. Under Energy and Mines we also develop events that aim to connect the renewables and mining sectors – two of Canada’s greatest industries.